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What is LibertyOS?

LibertyOS is the first Blockchain Operating System. LibertyOS incorporates Blockchain technology and Token economics to create a new user experience for Operating System users. LibertyOS ist the first of its kind and creates a standard for future Operating Systems. With LibertyOS, users regain their Privacy and Security, because no middleman is exploiting the users via tracking and other means.

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The Problem

Modern Operating Systems are viewing their customers as commodities that can be sold to Advertisers and other non-governmental or governmental organizations. Modern Operating Systems like Windows and macOS are collecting every bit of information from their customers. Often these customers are not aware of this practice. Modern Operating Systems are not owned by the users. Modern Operating Systems are "Operating Systems as a Service". This means that the user is required to be always connected with the corporation that provides the Operating System. Moreover, the corporation providing the Operating System has access to all the files and data of the user and is even able to manipulate or delete this data.

The Solution

LibertyOS offers a solution to this situation. LibertyOS is 100% owned by the user of the operating system. There is no need to be connected to any corporation and all the data is 100% yours. On the other hand, LibertyOS also provides a way for advertisers to reach their customers. This is done by a peer2peer token model, that directly pays the viewers of the ads. The native Token of LibertyOS is the LIB Token. Advertisers have to pay in LIB Token and users receive LIB Tokens for viewing ads. Users can then use these LIB Tokens to donate to their favorite projects and this way incentivize the creation of an open and free developer community.


To finance the implementation and marketing of the Liberty Operating System a fundraise will be conducted. During fundraising, the LIB Token will be sold. The LIB Token is a BEP-2 compliant Token that is running on the Binance Blockchain.